Why Choose AFH?

Why Choose AFH?

Alumni Benefits
Facilities & Resources
Entrepreneurship Course

We strongly believe in walking this creative journey with our former students since we understand the challenges and successes that await them.

Therefore we make sure AFS supports some of their independent projects and ensure they become the best in their desired fields of practice. Some of the benefits are stated below.

  • Credit facilities for our Alumni
  • Subsidized rates for equipment and studio hire
  • Yearly forums of all Alumni to monitor growth and opportunities

Our teaching philosophy is built on the understanding that students learn best by doing.

Additionally, we believe that great ideas arise when theory and practice are in constant interaction, propelling one another forward.

Our aim is to give students comprehensive exposure to all facets of film and photography.

Equipment For Film
  • Cameras ( Panasonic Gh4 , Drone , Sony Pmw, Sony Z7 )
  • Lighting ( Hmi Lighting , Kino Flo , Led Lighting, Red Heads )
  • Sound ( Boom Mics, Lapel Mics , H6n Zoom , Mixer Etc )
  • Editing Workstations ( Xeon Hp Work Station, Imac )
  • Softwares ( Adobe Cc 2017 Suit , Final Cut Pro )
  • Camera Movements ( Gimbal ,DRONE , Jib , Dolly )
  • Equipment For Photography
  • Canon MK 3
  • Nikon D750
  • Strobe Lights
  • Speed lights
  • Soft Box
  • Editing Softwares i,e Photoshop and Lightroom
  • How to set up your own production firm.

    Basic equipment to start you off

    How to identify clients

    How to market yourself

    How to cost your services

    How to run your social media