Team Leaders

The Team

Ortis Dundos

Founder(Admedia Film Hub)

Founder(Admedia Film Hub).

Otis Dundos is a passionate film maker and a photographer specialised in shooting documentaries. A director and founder at Admedia Communications, he has worked with both local and international brands across all fields of business.

Apart from bringing on board his craft of shooting he also brings a wealth of experience on how to run a successful business as a film practitioner

Moses Ouma

Proffesional Cameraman

A cinematographer by profession. He has been part of some of the biggest productions on our local TV. A master of his craft, Moses has a vast knowledge in using the most advanced Cameras from RED series , Arri and Canon series.

It's because of this knowledge that he has managed to also work with international film companies on movies, tv commercials and documentaries as the Main Camera man. He not only has experience but also technique on running a whole film set.View Details