Film Production

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Scripting formats
  • Scripting for a narrative
  • Scripting for Tv drama Series
  • Scripting for a movie
  • How to do a story board
  • Camera angles and composition
  • Introduction to DSLR and ENG cameras
  • Understanding recording formats
  • How to use different shooting angles and styles
  • Understanding Lenses
  • How to use a drone
  • Lighting
  • Understanding theory of lighting and its uses
  • Lighting techniques and composition
  • Understanding different kind of lights and its uses
  • Lighting for a music video
  • Lighting for a movie
  • Editing
  • Introduction to different kinds of softwares i.e Adobe premier and FCP
  • Understanding file formats and sequencing
  • Learning editing techniques
  • understanding file convertions
  • Understanding basic editing effects and Color grading